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About Randy Aaron

‘Randy Aaron began his yogic journey 20 years ago, immediately falling in love with everything that it embodied. He is now devoted to sharing his deep knowledge, awareness, and passion with others. For Randy, yoga cultivates the true meaning of wellness: an open mind, a fit body, and a dynamic life. It is an ongoing
practice. Continuous growth (not unrealistic perfection) is the goal. As a practitioner, Randy teaches students how to love themselves, without guilt or judgment, while
extending that love to others. As RuPaul wisely stated, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”’

"As a yoga instructor, my role isn't to take care of you, but to empower you to take care of yourself - with the necessary tools, techniques, and frame of mind."
Randy Aaron

About Randy Aaron Yoga

Live Classes, On Demand, One-on-One Sessions

‘Randy Aaron hails from New Orleans, LA but was raised in Decatur, GA. He was first introduced to yoga while attending the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, immediately falling in love with everything that it embodies. Since then, Randy has immersed himself in everything yoga, including more than 2000 hours of training, countless hours of teaching and even traveling to India for advanced study.


Randy Aaron Yoga works to inspire the practitioner to center themselves in a perpetual
state of alert relaxation so they can better mediate life’s ups and downs. RAY strives to
help our students reach this state through deep and constant conversation with the self.
Randy Aaron Yoga gives you the tools, techniques and recipes to find a more settled,
joyful and intentional existence.


Working with Randy Aaron Yoga is about moving towards a goal of moving more freely,
in your body and in your mind. RAY believes in striving towards a state of alert relaxation, centering yourself in the sphere of life.


A sphere suggests wholeness, usefulness and balance. It suggests efficiency and
mindfulness. Centering yourself allows you to become the mediator of your circumstances with the understanding that a mediator has to have a certain amount of
chill to be effective.


Randy Aaron Yoga approaches this through conversations with the different cyclical
aspects of the body and mind. With Randy, you will dive into the cycle of breath, build
more mobility in joints through specialized cyclical repetition and examine the constant
cycles of the mind. Through these channels, RAY opens the door for students to move
with limitless possibilities. 

The ultimate goal is to learn how to exist in the center of your internal self (breath,
body, mind) so that you can exist better in your external (the world).


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